Walking in Truth and Love

How you live your life matters. It matters to you, it matters to those you love, it matters to those who love you, and it matters to God. It even matters to people you don't even know. The Bible calls us to walk in truth and love. Some of us find walking in the truth... Continue Reading →

Do Everything for the Glory of God

It is incredibly difficult to do everything for the glory of God. Think about it. Your favorite sports teams want you to spend your time, money, attention and social media presence to promote them and tell everyone how wonderful they are. So do your favorite bands. And movie stars. And beauty products. And supplements and... Continue Reading →

What Great Love!

Brothers and sisters, you cannot imagine how much God loves you. He created you, forming you in your mother's womb. He watched you grow up, protecting you even when you didn't know it. He drew you to himself, showing you that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead as the guarantee of... Continue Reading →

Totally Give Yourself to God

The call to follow Jesus is a high calling. It is filled with growth, blessing and sacrifice, and will continue throughout the rest of our lives. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are making a commitment to totally give yourself to God. The apostle Paul, one of the most influential leaders in Christianity... Continue Reading →

Father Abraham

Heroes are heroes for a reason. Although they are not perfect people (only Jesus is perfect), the heroes of our faith inspire us to believe in God, follow God's way, and impact the world in eternally positive ways. Abraham is one of my heroes. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to all nations. God... Continue Reading →

Legacy of a Warrior: The Shield of Faith

Life throws darts at you. Every. Day. Sometimes they fly by you so fast they seem like arrows, flaming arrows, the kind intended to destroy you. But I have good news. There's a weapon for that. It's the shield of faith. Your faith in Christ is a shield against the attacks of life, the attacks of your spiritual enemy, the devil. In... Continue Reading →

Most-Viewed Posts of 2013

In case you missed them and wanted to read them (or perhaps you want to read them again!) here are the top five posts on the blog that were viewed in 2013. 30 Similarities between Abraham offering Isaac on Mt. Moriah and GOD offering Jesus on Mt. Calvary God Can Restore Broken Marriages Jase Robertson Event... Continue Reading →

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