Walking in Truth and Love

How you live your life matters. It matters to you, it matters to those you love, it matters to those who love you, and it matters to God. It even matters to people you don't even know. The Bible calls us to walk in truth and love. Some of us find walking in the truth … Continue reading Walking in Truth and Love

Remaining Calm in the Midst of the Storm

Life will throw storms at you of all varieties. You may find yourself facing health challenges that are overwhelming. Because of someone else's decisions, a relationship may be in crisis. Due to changes in your company, you may lose your job. Circumstances and life events bring storms of many kinds. How can you be calm … Continue reading Remaining Calm in the Midst of the Storm

In a world of suffering, you can find peace

Poverty. Homelessness. Starvation. Crime. War. Persecution. Destruction. Broken promises. Broken relationships. Broken lives. These are some of the tragic effects of the sin and selfishness of the world, but there is hope. In world of suffering, you can find peace. Hear the words of Jesus. John 16:33 33  I have told you these things so … Continue reading In a world of suffering, you can find peace

A Time for Peace

Everyone longs for peace: peace in our homes, peace in our communities and peace in our world. God offers peace. The angels declared to the shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth: Luke 2:14 14  Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors! Christmas is a time to find peace in Christ. The peace that … Continue reading A Time for Peace

The true grace of God

Grace = unmerited favor. God's grace is when God generously gives you the good thing -- salvation through Jesus -- that you do not deserve, and all of the spiritual blessings that He gives you. None of us deserve God's grace. But in Christ and through Christ we receive the true grace of God. It has … Continue reading The true grace of God

The Life You Were Called to Live

God has an incredible plan for your life. Will you follow in the way of Christ? This is the life you were called to live. 1 Peter 3:8-12 8 Now finally, all of you should be like-minded and sympathetic, should love believers, and be compassionate and humble, 9 not paying back evil for evil or insult … Continue reading The Life You Were Called to Live

Chosen by God

It is an amazing, humbling realization to know that the eternal God of the universe knows who you are, cares about you, and chooses to invite you to be part of His eternal family. In his first letter, a fisherman-turned-preacher named Simon Peter wrote to a group of churches to encourage them and instruct them … Continue reading Chosen by God

Grace & Peace

Our world needs peace. Our world needs grace. God offers both. Paul wrote a letter to the church family in Colossae, and rather than beginning the letter with the typical greeting of the first-century Roman Empire which was "Greetings," he took a different, distinctly Christian approach: To the saints in Christ at Colossae, who are … Continue reading Grace & Peace