God is Sovereign

God is in charge. He is above all. He is in control. He is sovereign. Sometimes it is hard to understand his sovereignty when tragedies occur, such as mass shootings, floods, fires and hurricanes. We must look to the Bible for understanding and direction.¬†When Jesus speaks about end times events, he speaks of God's sovereignty … Continue reading God is Sovereign

Father Abraham

Heroes are heroes for a reason. Although they are not perfect people (only Jesus is perfect), the heroes of our faith inspire us to believe in God, follow God's way, and impact the world in eternally positive ways. Abraham is one of my heroes. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to all nations. God … Continue reading Father Abraham

Who is Jesus?

If you were to take a survey of the people in your community and ask them this question, "Who is Jesus?" you will get a variety of answers: a good teacher, a very moral person, an inspiring leader, a prophet, an example of love & sacrifice, and more. Many people hold Jesus in very high … Continue reading Who is Jesus?

Cleaning House

Have you ever noticed that it's a lot more fun to clean someone else's house than to clean your own? It makes you feel good to help them. Plus, you know that you only have to clean this one time; they will have to do it day after day. But the reality is that we … Continue reading Cleaning House