What do you expect?

Expectations make a difference. Some people have no expectations Some people have low expectations Some people have high expectations God has high expectations of himself. He always thinks, speaks and acts in the right ways. He always does so with a pure heart. Everything he does is with excellence, with integrity, with love, with faithfulness,... Continue Reading →

It really is all about Jesus

In our home, we have many beautiful Christmas decorations. My wife does a wonderful job decorating our home for the holidays. On one shelf, we have several nativity sets. And at the center of each nativity set is Jesus. That's the way every day of our lives should be -- Jesus at the center. The... Continue Reading →

God is our Savior

Joseph was a righteous man; he always wanted to do the right thing. When he heard the news that his fiancee was pregnant -- he knew that the baby was not his -- he decided to quietly end the engagement (in that culture breaking an engagement was the same as a divorce) so as to... Continue Reading →

MLK Jr Day 2018

Thinking about the impact of Martin Luther King Jr today. And the throne around heaven made up of people from every tribe, tongue and nation. My prayer: "Lord, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." May ethnicity never divide us. God created us all.

Nine Christmas Movies & TV Shows

.Here are some of our family's favorite Christmas movies and TV shows. What are yours? White Christmas A Charlie Brown Christmas Elf The Nativity It's a Wonderful Life The Santa Clause How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Santa Clause 3 A Christmas Carol Merry Christmas!

Ten of My Favorite Christmas Songs

  Here are ten of my favorite Christmas songs. What are some of your favorites? O Holy Night Little Drummer Boy Silent Night O Come All Ye Faithful Joy To The World Hark the Herald Angels Sing I Have Seen the Light Feliz Navidad O Little Town of Bethlehem Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah

Priest & King

King David was a military leader and a spiritual leader. Throughout the Old Testament, priests have a role to help connect people to God, showing the people the way to right relationship with God and offering sacrifices on behalf of the people. The kings of the Old Testament reign under the authority of God, and... Continue Reading →

Betrayed, Yet Victorious

With anticipation the people wondered: when would the king be born? You can hear a mother telling her children, "Don't worry, my child. The king is coming." At Christmas we celebrate Jesus' birth. He was born to live the life we couldn't live, a life of perfection in every way. He died the death that... Continue Reading →

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