Together We Obey

When we obey God, things happen. They happen in a big way. Some people love it when we obey God. Some people do not love it when we obey God. As followers of Jesus, we realize the amazing love, forgiveness, grace and peace that we have found in Jesus, and we realize this same life … Continue reading Together We Obey


Unclean. Out of control. A mad man. Living in the tombs. Shackled. Bound. Smashing the restraints. Crying out. Cutting himself. These are some of the words to describe the man who was tormented by demons, a man who lived in an area to the east of the Sea of Galilee, the region of the Gerasenes.┬áBut … Continue reading Amazed

BOLD WORDS: Words of Healing

I don't know about you, but sometimes I say things that hurt others. (This is confessional blogging.) I don't mean to say things that hurt others, but sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain and heart. It's a constant prayer, everywhere I go, that my words will bring encouragement to all who are listening … Continue reading BOLD WORDS: Words of Healing

Do You Believe This?

The news was not good. A close friend was gravely sick, and he was far away. He just knew in his heart that his friend was going to die. When he finally arrived near the house to check on his friend and his friend's family, the look on Martha's face confirmed it: her brother Lazarus … Continue reading Do You Believe This?

The God Who Can Move Mountains is Mighty to Save

It would be really hard for me to move a mountain. It would take a lot of money, a lot of explosives, a lot of workers, a lot of dump trucks, a ton of work, and an enormous amount of time. God could move that mountain in an instant. Just ask anyone who has lived … Continue reading The God Who Can Move Mountains is Mighty to Save

The Light of the World

The news we read online and hear on TV is not always good news. The reporters are talking about the government shutdown, looming debt crisis, wars around the world, leaders who won't work together, crime in local communities and more. It could get you depressed and discouraged. However, if you know that God is in … Continue reading The Light of the World

God Can Restore Broken Marriages

God can restore broken marriages. Do you believe that? I do. With all my heart. Because I believe that nothing is impossible with God. He's never seen a situation that He can't handle. He loves you. He cares for you. He wants the best for you. When He works in amazing ways, we experience His … Continue reading God Can Restore Broken Marriages