In our Western culture, no one wants to wait. Microwave dinners, immediate responses to text messages, and posting pictures of your vacation online while you're still on vacation are three examples. Our smart phones have not helped our attention spans, and they have not helped us to become more patient. Sometimes life circumstances force us … Continue reading Waiting

Walking in Truth and Love

How you live your life matters. It matters to you, it matters to those you love, it matters to those who love you, and it matters to God. It even matters to people you don't even know. The Bible calls us to walk in truth and love. Some of us find walking in the truth … Continue reading Walking in Truth and Love

Where Do You Find Strength and Right Perspective?

With the many demands and decisions of life, we all need a source of strength. Certainly proper diet, adequate rest, and regular exercise play a part. But those things fall short of providing the internal strength and wisdom that we need to persevere through the most challenging times. We need a place to go to … Continue reading Where Do You Find Strength and Right Perspective?