Are You Teachable?

One of the characteristics that I admire the most in people is this: being teachable. These are people who are constantly thinking, reading, listening, praying, feeling, and learning. They are many times early-adapters of new technologies, strategies and leadership principles. I especially admire those who take all the ideas they are bombarded with, put them … Continue reading Are You Teachable?

Yellow Mama

There are a lot of names that people use to refer to their grandmother: grandma, nana, gram, granny, and the list goes on and on. But we always called my mother's mother by one name: Yellow Mama. A one-of-a-kind name for an amazing woman. You've never met anyone who loved God or her family more … Continue reading Yellow Mama

Walk Just as Jesus Walked

When you say it this way, it seems way too obvious: a Christ-follower will follow Christ. But too many people who call themselves Christians (aka, Christ-followers) do not walk the way Jesus walked, and they seemingly have no desire to do so. Their words, attitude, behavior, actions and decisions are not at all what Jesus … Continue reading Walk Just as Jesus Walked

How I Use Technology to Grow in My Faith & Share Christ with Others

Everyone uses technology in different ways. Sometimes I am asked about the different ways that I use technology to grow in my faith & to share Christ with others. Here are some of the ways. I'd love to hear how you use technology too. YouVersion - I read my Bible daily using the YouVersion app. … Continue reading How I Use Technology to Grow in My Faith & Share Christ with Others