God’s Children

Have you ever watched Duck Dynasty? Those long-bearded, plain-spoken "Robertson rednecks" have some strong family traits. They love each other. They love duck hunting. They love Jesus. Every family has family traits. Sometimes it's the way they look, sometimes the way they walk, and sometimes the way they talk. Every family has family traits. So... Continue Reading →

Born Again

Some people think evangelical Christians invented the phrase "born again." Or maybe they think Billy Graham did. Or Baptists. And because they don't know who made up the phrase, and because some crazy people claim to be "born again," they run away from the term (and they also run away from crazy people). But you... Continue Reading →

God Controls the Weather?! YES.

When winter storms are on the way, people stock up on food and supplies to endure the bitter cold, feet of snow, and power outages. The networks send their bravest reporters to broadcast live from the scene. Many times the meteorologists predict these storms days before, hyping up the storms even if they never occur.... Continue Reading →

Greatness in the Kingdom of God

The ministry of Jesus was reaching a crescendo. He had done some amazing things in three years of ministry: healed people, calmed storms, cast out demons, taught with amazing authority, shown compassion to those everyone else had given up on, and even raised people from the dead! Now, as His closest twelve followers considered the... Continue Reading →

How to Read & Study the Bible

God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. It is an incredible privilege to have the Bible in our language and readily accessible.* We have a responsibility as Christ-followers to read the Bible, understand it, and put its truths into practice in our lives. God will help you. Reading and studying the Bible is... Continue Reading →

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