In a world of suffering, you can find peace

Poverty. Homelessness. Starvation. Crime. War. Persecution. Destruction. Broken promises. Broken relationships. Broken lives. These are some of the tragic effects of the sin and selfishness of the world, but there is hope. In world of suffering, you can find peace. Hear the words of Jesus. John 16:33 33  I have told you these things so … Continue reading In a world of suffering, you can find peace

Endure Persecution

All over the world today, Christians are persecuted for their faith. It is a fact of life, and it should not be a surprise to true believers. It is the pattern in the Bible. In the first century and today, Christians are imprisoned, tortured, ostracized and even killed simply because they unashamedly follow Jesus. In … Continue reading Endure Persecution

From Suffering to Victory

From the cross, as He was suffering with excruciating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain, Jesus cried out to the Father: "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" I try to imagine myself at the foot of the cross, hearing Jesus cry out these words. Jesus' prayer was a quote from Psalm 22, verse … Continue reading From Suffering to Victory

The Arrest of Jesus

Betrayal. Denial. Trial. Verdict. You can read the story HERE from the Gospel of John chapters 18 & 19. Betrayal. As Jesus shared a meal with his disciples, he announced to the group that one of them would betray him. Judas left the meal early, shortly after Jesus uttered those words. He rounded up a … Continue reading The Arrest of Jesus

God cares about you

God is huge, brilliant, powerful, and supreme. He is so big that it is amazing that we can know Him. At the same time He is loving, caring, compassionate, and near. God cares about you. 1 Peter 5:5-11      5 In the same way, you younger men, be subject to the elders. And all of you clothe … Continue reading God cares about you

Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?

With the recent deaths of three teenagers in our community, many people are asking very important questions. One of the questions they are asking is, "Why?" They are asking, "Why did God allow these tragedies?" Another way to ask the question is, "Why does God allow tragedy and suffering?" In response to this question, here is … Continue reading Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?

Suffering: You Were CALLED To This?!

No one desires suffering. No one asks to suffering. But for the sake of Christ, Christians will endure it. And they will glorify God in the midst of it. This side of heaven, we don't always know why suffering comes. We may know the causes of suffering -- health issues, financial struggles, broken relationships, overbearing … Continue reading Suffering: You Were CALLED To This?!

Doing What God Wants You To Do

God has great plans for your life. His plans for you are even better than the plans that you have for your life. You would be wise to look to Him and His Word, the Bible, to discover those plans. The Bible uses the phrase "the will of God, " the things that "God wills, "God wants...," … Continue reading Doing What God Wants You To Do

Pour Your Life Into Others

God wants to use you to make a difference in the lives of others, to help them be all that God created them to be. Life is not just about you. When you pour your life into others, you will be blessed to see them growing, leading and changing the world in amazing ways. What … Continue reading Pour Your Life Into Others

Is God Good?

When bad things happen, people ask... "If God is all-powerful, why did He allow this to happen?" "If God is all-loving, how can He sit back and watch people suffer?" "If God is all-knowing, didn't He see this coming?" Those are important questions to consider, and not always easy to answer. I believe there are … Continue reading Is God Good?