Dry bones come back to life!

If you saw a news headline that declared, "Dry bones come back to life!" you might think you were reading from a tabloid news outlet or maybe the entertainment section. You certainly would not expect it to be written by an eyewitness reporter who was on the scene when it happened. But the prophet Ezekiel... Continue Reading →

Be Baptized

Emily had traveled from Taiwan to our town to work a semester as a college exchange student. Her family was Buddhist, but a short time before arriving in our town she had heard about Jesus, believed in him as her Lord and Savior, and was saved by his grace. Emily wanted to be obedient to... Continue Reading →

A Living Hope

Within the heart of every person there is a longing for hope. hope that inspires hope that¬†ensures hope that endures The word "hope" is used nowadays in phrases such as, "I hope so."¬†For example, someone might ask you if you are going to join them for dinner. Because you know you have a very busy... Continue Reading →

You’re a New Person!

When you come to faith in Jesus Christ, you become a new person. You are changed from the inside out. Your outlook on life changes. You begin to have desires to honor the Lord with everything you do. You have a desire to stop doing things that dishonor Him, things that hurt you and/or hurt... Continue Reading →

Walk Like Jesus

Following Christ is more than just holding a set of beliefs. Following Christ is about how you live your life: where you go, what you say, the things you do. To "walk like Jesus" means to pattern your life after the example of Christ and to trust in Christ daily for guidance and strength to... Continue Reading →

Born Again

Some people think evangelical Christians invented the phrase "born again." Or maybe they think Billy Graham did. Or Baptists. And because they don't know who made up the phrase, and because some crazy people claim to be "born again," they run away from the term (and they also run away from crazy people). But you... Continue Reading →

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