The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of God’s love

When Jesus walked the earth, he told his followers that it would be even better for them after he left and returned to heaven. He promised to send the Holy Spirit upon the earth. At first it is hard to imagine how it is better without Jesus physically on earth. But when you realize that … Continue reading The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of God’s love

Extreme Cases

The question is this: should a church ever remove someone from their fellowship? The Corinthian church was a mess. The city of Corinth was very sinful, so much so that even the religious components of first-century Corinth fed the lusts of the flesh. Amazingly, in the midst of this city, God was rescuing people from … Continue reading Extreme Cases

The Fall of Man

Our world is broken. Poverty. Violence. Injustice. Slavery. Hunger. Rage. Indulgence. Divorce. Loneliness. Separation. Fear. Hurts. Where did it all begin? The world God created was perfect. The perfect Garden of Eden. Adam & Eve lived there, and they had a perfect relationship with God and each other. What happened? Genesis 3:1-7 1 Now the … Continue reading The Fall of Man

God’s Children

Have you ever watched Duck Dynasty? Those long-bearded, plain-spoken "Robertson rednecks" have some strong family traits. They love each other. They love duck hunting. They love Jesus. Every family has family traits. Sometimes it's the way they look, sometimes the way they walk, and sometimes the way they talk. Every family has family traits. So … Continue reading God’s Children