Four Reasons for Joy!

Every day, life events can beat you up and beat you down. Your enemy, the devil, seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to earth to give you life, eternal life and abundant life, a life full of joy. You can experience joy in daily life, no matter what life throws your way.... Continue Reading →

Saved by the Grace of God

Sitting at the table with three other men in a country in Southeast Asia, I was amazed to hear the stories of how God was working in the lives of people there. In this largely Buddhist nation, the good news of Jesus is penetrating hearts and bringing people to saving faith in Jesus. At one... Continue Reading →

What is your life built upon?

We live in the real world. People in our world build their lives upon many things: Material possessions Fame Career advancement Relationships Community involvement A host of other things What that you are doing today will matter in one hundred years? What that you are doing today will matter in one thousand years? If the... Continue Reading →

The Cornerstone of Your Life

What is your life built upon? You may try to build your life upon your family history, education or skills. You may try to build your life upon your experiences, fame or accomplishments. You may try to build your life upon your financial stability, good health, or good looks. There are many things you may try... Continue Reading →

Your Life is Not Empty Anymore

There is something truly life-changing when a person realizes their need for Christ. Life without Christ is empty, no matter how full it seems. One of the phrases that the Bible uses to describe our lives before Christ is an "empty way of life." Look for that phrase in the verses below. 17  And if you... Continue Reading →

Be Holy!?

You talk about impossible tasks. Here are a few that are humanly impossible on your own, without help from anyone or any thing: Swim from California to Japan without stopping Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in one day Read 40,000 novels in one hour Live a life of perfect holiness Yet, God calls us to holy living. He says... Continue Reading →

You’re a New Person!

When you come to faith in Jesus Christ, you become a new person. You are changed from the inside out. Your outlook on life changes. You begin to have desires to honor the Lord with everything you do. You have a desire to stop doing things that dishonor Him, things that hurt you and/or hurt... Continue Reading →

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