The greatest of these is love

When you think of "love," who is the first person in your life that comes to mind? Spouse, parent, child, friend, brother, sister? How does that person show love to you, and how do you show it to them? The Bible calls us to let steadfast, unconditional love be one of the hallmarks of our … Continue reading The greatest of these is love


Where do you find security in life? Is it in your bank account or job or accomplishments or relationships or fame? I hope not, because you will never find permanent security in anything other than God. So how do you lean on God for ultimate security, in this life and forever?┬áThese and other questions are … Continue reading Security

Greatness in the Kingdom of God

The ministry of Jesus was reaching a crescendo. He had done some amazing things in three years of ministry: healed people, calmed storms, cast out demons, taught with amazing authority, shown compassion to those everyone else had given up on, and even raised people from the dead! Now, as His closest twelve followers considered the … Continue reading Greatness in the Kingdom of God