How I Use Technology to Grow in My Faith & Share Christ with Others

Everyone uses technology in different ways. Sometimes I am asked about the different ways that I use technology to grow in my faith & to share Christ with others. Here are some of the ways. I’d love to hear how you use technology too.

YouVersion – I read my Bible daily using the YouVersion app. Sometimes on my smartphone, sometimes on my computer. I am always reading through one or more of the devotions that are found there. I read in the HCSB version of the Bible.

WordSearch Bible Software – this is my primary Bible software. I’ve used it for a few years. It has the majority of my reference books: Bibles, commentaries, word study resources, and much more. I purchased it from Hundreds of free resources. These resources are downloaded to my netbook computer.

Logos Bible Software – more recently, I have also begun to use Logos Bible software. This is great software too and has some different resources that are not available on Wordsearch. Again, there are many free resources too.

Evernote – I use the Evernote app to take notes and keep them organized. This includes Bible study ideas, prayer lists and more.

Kindle Reader – I download and read many books on the Kindle Reader on my phone and my computer. Handy to have while I’m waiting for my wife while we are shopping!

Pandora – It’s great to listen to stations on Pandora music. Simply choose one of your favorite artists, songs or genres, and Pandora will select a great mix for you. I play this in my office, at home, on the go.

The Story – there is a great resource that explains the gospel of Christ as a powerful short, short story, beginning with creation and challenging someone to trust in Christ as Lord and Savior. This resource allows you to share a link via social media or email, then when people read The Story, you can see where in the world they are reading from. Pretty cool.

Twitter – two of things I regularly post on Twitter are strong Bible verses that I come across and also great quotes that have to do with faith in Christ. My prayer is that God will use these verses and quotes to impact others. Also, I follow many Christian leaders on Twitter, so their posts encourage and inspire me.

Facebook – I also share verses and quotes on Facebook, and love the fact that on Facebook people can leave comments to continue the conversation about how God impacts our lives. And I am continually inspired and encouraged by status updates and posts others make on Facebook.

Gospel Project – I read and study this Bible study material via downloadable pdf. This is the curriculum that the small groups of our church use for Bible study. Good stuff.

Bible Gateway – when I need to quickly look up a Bible verse, I will go to It’s a good site with many different Bible translations and other resources.

MyStudyBible – Another online site that I am beginning to use is It is compatible with Wordsearch Bible Software, so most of my Wordsearch resources are available there, meaning that I can log in and view them from any computer.

WordPress blog – I enjoying posting on this blog things to encourage people to follow Christ. It’s humbling and exciting to know that people from all over the world are coming across the blog via search engines and via social media sharing.

There are many other ways to use technology of course: phone calls, text messages, sharing photos of worship services and Bible verses and the beauty of creation, and lots more. And of course there are great podcasts to hear, videos to watch, etc.

What are some of your favorite ways? How does technology help you grow in your faith and share Christ with others? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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