Discerning Truth From Lies

Messages bombard you every day. How do you know what is the truth? In the Christmas movie Elf, the lead character Buddy the Elf walks through Manhattan for the first time, taking in all of the sights. He notices a sign on the window of a cafe and enters to congratulate the cafe owners. He … Continue reading Discerning Truth From Lies

In a world of suffering, you can find peace

Poverty. Homelessness. Starvation. Crime. War. Persecution. Destruction. Broken promises. Broken relationships. Broken lives. These are some of the tragic effects of the sin and selfishness of the world, but there is hope. In world of suffering, you can find peace. Hear the words of Jesus. John 16:33 33  I have told you these things so … Continue reading In a world of suffering, you can find peace