Three Keys to Keeping Your Faith Strong

The best golfers in the world will tell you that in order for them to keep their golf game strong they must play golf regularly and pay attention to a few things that keep them at the top of their game. The same is true with fishermen and welders and salesmen and every other person … Continue reading Three Keys to Keeping Your Faith Strong

Be Strong and Courageous

Military leaders are some of the strongest, most courageous people on the planet. They develop a plan of attack, face the enemy, and lead their troops into battle. King David was a shepherd, a soldier and a military leader. He had battled lions, giants, and huge armies. During his military campaigns, God continued to give him … Continue reading Be Strong and Courageous

The true grace of God

Grace = unmerited favor. God's grace is when God generously gives you the good thing -- salvation through Jesus -- that you do not deserve, and all of the spiritual blessings that He gives you. None of us deserve God's grace. But in Christ and through Christ we receive the true grace of God. It has … Continue reading The true grace of God

God’s Righteous Right Hand

Our great God is indescribable. He is eternal, invisible, all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere at all times. He is so unbelievably big and awesome and holy and glorious that He is truly indescribable. To help us understand our indescribable God, the Bible uses terms that we can understand. The technical term for this is anthropomorphism, which is ascribing … Continue reading God’s Righteous Right Hand