Go-To Christmas Decorations

Every family has their go-to decorations that make their home feel like Christmas. Some of them are: Lights on the outside of the house Nativity scenes Christmas tree Stockings hung by the chimney with care Wrapped presents Christmas candles Elf on the shelf Mistletoe Inflatables in the yard Nutcrackers Advent calendar Days-til-Christmas calendar Christmas wreaths … Continue reading Go-To Christmas Decorations

It really is all about Jesus

In our home, we have many beautiful Christmas decorations. My wife does a wonderful job decorating our home for the holidays. On one shelf, we have several nativity sets. And at the center of each nativity set is Jesus. That's the way every day of our lives should be -- Jesus at the center. The … Continue reading It really is all about Jesus

Delighting To Do God’s Will

Parents are overjoyed when their kids make good decisions. See, parents really do love their kids and want the best for them (shocker to some kids!), and parents generally do know what are the best choices for their kids to make (again, big shocker to some kids). But part of parenting is allowing kids to … Continue reading Delighting To Do God’s Will

Son of David, Son of God

Jesus was born to be the Savior of the world. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke describe the details surrounding his birth. Remarkably, one thousand years before his birth, the Psalms give us clues about who he would be. A careful reading of the Psalms and the New Testament show us that Jesus is both son … Continue reading Son of David, Son of God

A Time for Peace

Everyone longs for peace: peace in our homes, peace in our communities and peace in our world. God offers peace. The angels declared to the shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth: Luke 2:14 14  Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors! Christmas is a time to find peace in Christ. The peace that … Continue reading A Time for Peace

Christmas Comes Earlier & Earlier Each Year

I'm sure you've noticed that Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year. This year, we were not quite out of October yet and already stores were decorated for Christmas, playing Christmas songs, and filled with the smells of pumpkin pie and apple cider. That seems a bit early, eh? And I know that … Continue reading Christmas Comes Earlier & Earlier Each Year

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Take a quick survey in your city or town, and here are some of the answers you may hear: "Spending time with family and friends" "PRESENTS!!!!" "Traveling hundreds of miles to be with the ones I love" "Missing loved ones who are not here this year" "FOOD!!!" "Christmas parties!!" "Christmas lights" "SNOW!!" "Great Christmas music" … Continue reading What Does Christmas Mean To You?