Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!

On a recent drive down I-75, I was passed by an SUV obviously in a hurry to get to their vacation destination. They flew past me and the others on the road, with their plastic storage container strapped to the top of their vehicle. All of a sudden, I saw what looked like trash coming … Continue reading Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!

Driving Tip #82190

Driving Tip #82190: What to do when you encounter bison crossing the road Our Creator made some amazing places in the world. Yellowstone is one of the them. God did good work there. His creativity, power and beauty are on display for all the world to see. Yellowstone National Park is located in three states … Continue reading Driving Tip #82190

Driving Tip #285

Driving tip #285 -- If you live in Atlanta, you better be prepared to drive on Interstate 285, especially during 2017.  I-285, a.k.a. "the Perimeter," is the interstate highway that encircles downtown Atlanta. As a matter of fact, cities and landmarks are identified by locals as being "inside the Perimeter" or "outside the Perimeter." Tractor trailers are required … Continue reading Driving Tip #285