Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!

On a recent drive down I-75, I was passed by an SUV obviously in a hurry to get to their vacation destination. They flew past me and the others on the road, with their plastic storage container strapped to the top of their vehicle. All of a sudden, I saw what looked like trash coming … Continue reading Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!


When you need wisdom and counsel, to whom do you turn? When Jesus walked the earth, he was the perfect counselor for his followers, a wonderful counselor. Because he is not physically with us now on earth, where do we find the best counsel? The Holy Spirit! John 14:15-31 Jesus says, 15 "If you love … Continue reading Counselor

Walking Through the Dark Valleys

Kim and I had an amazing trip to Israel a few years ago. The Bible came alive in 3-D. When you stand on a particular hill in Jerusalem, you see a road that twists and turns through the hills, starting in Jerusalem and ending in Jericho. The valley below is known as "the valley of … Continue reading Walking Through the Dark Valleys