Driving Tip #48

Driving Tip #48: Slower traffic keep right

On highways with multiple lanes, navigating these busy roads safely can be a bit tricky at times. You see people weaving in and out of lanes like the stuntmen driving sports cars in the high speed chases in the movies. Granted, some of those drivers need to drive a lot slower and be a bit more patient. But sometimes it’s not entirely their fault. Sometimes the fault lies with the slow drivers who stubbornly drive in the left lanes.

So if you have a practice of driving in the left lanes and you continually notice that people are having to pass you on the right side, it’s probably time for you to begin driving a little bit more to the right. Find one of the right lanes where you can drive safely and leave the left lanes for the faster drivers.

Now if you’re thinking that the reason you drive in the left lane is to try to slow down all the speeders, let me un-burden you with that responsibility. There are highly trained and very capable state troopers and local police officers who will watch out for those who are speeding. Let them do that job. You can just drive in the right hand lanes and not worry about a thing except getting to your destination safely and peacefully.

Remember driving tip #48: slower traffic keep right. It’s in the driver’s handbook and on signs all around the city.

Happy driving everyone!

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