Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!

On a recent drive down I-75, I was passed by an SUV obviously in a hurry to get to their vacation destination. They flew past me and the others on the road, with their plastic storage container strapped to the top of their vehicle.

All of a sudden, I saw what looked like trash coming from the SUV ahead of me flying at my Jeep. I quickly realized it was not trash but was in fact clothes, toys and other items that you’d need for a vacation at the beach. Their travel container had popped open and they were losing important items.

One item that came whirling at me and the other cars around me was a shovel!

I swerved to avoid hitting it and the van behind me did too. I looked in my mirror and I think the shovel may have brushed against the van on the driver side door. When I looked back a second time, it looked like the shovel was in the middle of the interstate.

The folks in the SUV realized what was going on and pulled to the shoulder. I’m hoping they didn’t lose too many valuable items and that they were able to have a great vacation at the beach or wherever they were going. I’m also hoping that no one else got hurt (they or their vehicles) because of the shovel in the road.

I’m grateful to the Lord for His protection always. And on that day, I was grateful for His protection over a shovel in the road!

P.S. It did remind me of one other incident from years ago, when I was driving from Lake Placid to Albany, NY and got behind a truck hauling porta-potties. On that day, the wind caught one of the porta-potties and it came flying at my truck. Thankful that on that day the Lord was protecting me as well!

Happy driving everyone! Watch out for shovels!

5 thoughts on “Driving Tip #138 — Watch out for Shovels!

  1. Wow!! I am so thankful you were not injured, and that no one wrecked their vehicle trying to avoid the shovel! Hopefully, no one else was injured either.

  2. Blessed by your giving God the glory for how He works in our lives and His perfect timing.❤️🙏

  3. Hi Derrick.

    Thanks so much for your email. Such wonderful warning…and reminder that our gracious God is always present, protecting and taking care of us. Hoping all is going well with you during this stressful season. We can all be reassured though that we are covered under His wings in His blood.

    Take care and God bless Pauline

  4. Thankful you were safe…I almost needed a shovel yesterday as I drove into Twin Rivers Resort and pulled over a little too far to meet oncoming vehicle…I was at 1258 Twin River Orchard Rd to assess scope of work for a Straight Street Ministries Home Repair request from disabled person and decided to drive down to see what down there!! Awesome Place!!

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