Driving Tip #237

Driving tip #237: An easy way to avoid being blinded by oncoming headlights at night

So here’s the scenario… You’re driving along a dimly light road at night, and a vehicle approaches you headed in the opposite direction. You both remember to make sure your headlights are dim, so that is not a problem. What is the problem is that you can’t seem to keep your eyes from staring at the headlights of the oncoming vehicle.

This is dangerous for at least two reasons:

1. You may experience “temporary blindness” from the bright lights, which could cause a host of problems.

2. You may inadvertently drift toward the oncoming vehicle since your eyes are gazing that way. In a worst case scenario this drifting could cause you to crash into that vehicle.

How do you avoid danger in this situation?

Focus your eyes on the right side of the road, away from the oncoming headlights, staring at the white line as you travel safely down the road. You may need to turn your head slightly in that direction. Then, after the other vehicle zooms passed you, you can shift your eyes back to the center of your lane.

What you focus on does matter.

Safe night-driving everyone!

2 thoughts on “Driving Tip #237

  1. Hello, I stumbled accross you about 5 months ago. I have been giving the message at a little nursing home in Wylie, TX. I was looking for a picture of a temple when I first saw your message. Every Saturday morning I get up and spend 3 or 4 hours preparing for Sunday. I didn’t have anything in mind for tomorrow, then I saw your driving tip. Brilliant! (not the tip as I think we all knew that). The message will be on “focus” Focus on the Lord.
    Thank you, for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you.

    Doug Henry

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