Driving Tip #241

Driving tip #241: Move your vehicle over to the side of the road when you encounter a funeral procession

Different cultures show respect to grieving families in different ways. One of the ways that we show respect to grieving families here in the USA is to move our vehicles over to the side of the road when we encounter a funeral procession, whether that procession is driving toward us or if it comes up from behind us. But let me assure you that plenty of people who have lived in America all of their lives don’t follow this driving tip.

Let me encourage all of you to follow this tip, and while you’re pausing there on the side of the road, offer a prayer for the grieving family. Pray that the Lord will comfort them during their time of loss. Pray that family members and friends who may not yet have saving faith in Jesus will put their trust in Him.

For those who may be new drivers, here are some ways to recognize a funeral procession coming down the highway:

  • A long, single-file line of vehicles driving slowly with their bright headlights on
  • A hearse leading the procession
  • Police vehicles many times are in front of the procession, stopping traffic at intersections so that the procession can go through traffic lights and stop signs without pausing
  • Other vehicles that have already recognized that this is a funeral procession will have already moved over to the side of the road out of respect for the family

Now I know that some of you are thinking that you may not have time to pause for the procession. You may already be running late for your next appointment. This is why you may want to leave a few minutes early for the places you go, in case you encounter surprises along the way. (That’s the subject of another Driving Tip post… coming soon.) And whether you are running late or not, try to think how you would feel if you were the grieving family and someone came zooming by the procession. Obey the “golden rule” — treat others the way you want to be treated.

So to sum up this driving tip: when you see a funeral procession, move your vehicle to the side of the road, and wait until the funeral procession goes by before you resume your safe driving. While you are pausing, pray for the family and friends who have lost a loved one. The Lord who hears our prayers will strengthen and comfort them.

And how cool would it be to get to heaven and hear someone say something like this: “One day I was driving in a funeral procession and I had this overwhelming sense of God’s love. On that day I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I put my trust in Him. I’m in heaven because someone prayed for me.”

Safe driving!

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