Driving Tip #9

Driving tip #9: Obey the Hands-Free Driving Law.

In July 2018, the state of Georgia’s Hands-Free Driving Law went into effect. Let’s see how much you know about the law by playing a little True or False game.

  1. True or false? The law prohibits driving with your hands. You must drive with your feet, head, shoulder or knees. That’s why it’s called the Hands-Free Law.
  2. True or false? The law prohibits eating breakfast, reading a book, putting on mascara or changing the channel on your car stereo with your hands while driving.
  3. True or false? The law prohibits having your phone in your hand or touching any part of your body while talking on the phone while driving.
  4. True or false? The law does not apply while stopped at a red light, in rush hour traffic or at stop signs.
  5. True or false? The law prohibits using your hands to send text messages or emails or to post to social media accounts while driving.
  6. True or false? The law prohibits watching funny YouTube videos while driving.

Before we reveal the answers, you may want to take a look at the Georgia Hands-Free Driving Law. This may help you get all of the answers right.

Numbers 1, 2 and 4 are False. Numbers 3, 5 and 6 are True. How did you do? Here are a few tips to be in compliance with the law:

  • If you think you will be tempted to pick up your phone while driving, then keep your phone in your pocket, bag or somewhere else out of reach while you are driving.
  • Check with your mobile phone provider about the best hands-free options for your phone.
  • Depending on the age of your vehicle, it may be equipped with hands-free technology. Check with your grandchildren, owner’s manual or car dealer on how to use it.

Obey the law. We’ll all be safer.

Happy driving!

5 thoughts on “Driving Tip #9

  1. Derek, I like the new law that says it is legal for anyone over 65 to make a left hand turn from the right hand lane! Go Dacula Falcons!!

  2. This is great!  I knew the true ones because they made sense.  Number 1 was just funny.  Two should be part of the law 'cos they are distractions.  (Tate had a wreck while eating once.)  Changing the channel not so much.


    My Envoy is too old (2004).  Now, asking kids or grandkids is a good idea!  'Cos some of older folks don't do all this stuff!




    Sent: Friday, September 14, 2018 at 12:02 PM

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