Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD

Life is not always good. Life brings troubles. Sometimes they are small issues and sometimes they are major problems. Sometimes your troubles are your fault and sometimes they are someone else's fault. Sometimes you may not even know the source of the challenges you are facing, but the challenges are there nonetheless. When troubles come … Continue reading Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD

Worship & Persevere

We were created to worship God. Tragically, billions of people on the planet choose to worship someone or something else. When a person comes to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, their mind and affections are stirred to worship the one true and living God. They realize that even though opposition to their faith or … Continue reading Worship & Persevere

Four Reasons for Joy!

Every day, life events can beat you up and beat you down. Your enemy, the devil, seeks to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to earth to give you life, eternal life and abundant life, a life full of joy. You can experience joy in daily life, no matter what life throws your way. … Continue reading Four Reasons for Joy!

8 Years Ago in Vancouver & Whistler: My journal of life as a chaplain at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

With today being the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games, I’m remembering the opportunity the Lord opened up for me to serve as a chaplain during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. There was so much the Lord did there in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The Bible says this in … Continue reading 8 Years Ago in Vancouver & Whistler: My journal of life as a chaplain at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Weeping & Rejoicing

Every day there are happy people all around you, those who are enjoying smooth sailing in life. Every day there are hurting people all around you, those who are facing the storms of life. God wants to use you to be a blessing to those who are happy and those who are hurting. The Bible … Continue reading Weeping & Rejoicing

The Way You Live Impacts Others

Authentic Christians seek to follow Jesus in every way. Like Jesus did when he walked the earth, we seek to totally give ourselves to God. He is our king. He wants what is best for us. He wants what is best for everyone else too, and the way we live our lives impacts others. The … Continue reading The Way You Live Impacts Others

Walking Through the Dark Valleys

Kim and I had an amazing trip to Israel a few years ago. The Bible came alive in 3-D. When you stand on a particular hill in Jerusalem, you see a road that twists and turns through the hills, starting in Jerusalem and ending in Jericho. The valley below is known as "the valley of … Continue reading Walking Through the Dark Valleys

God Has a Plan

God has a plan. He has a plan for everything. He works in and through our lives to grow us, stretch us, and work through us, with the #1 goal of leading men, women, teenagers, and children to faith in Jesus Christ. If we can remember that is the goal, we will find great encouragement … Continue reading God Has a Plan