Weeping & Rejoicing

Every day there are happy people all around you, those who are enjoying smooth sailing in life. Every day there are hurting people all around you, those who are facing the storms of life. God wants to use you to be a blessing to those who are happy and those who are hurting. The Bible says it this way:

Romans 12:15
15  Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep.

As a follower of Jesus, you have the opportunity to be there for people, to remind them of God’s love and care during their sorrows and to celebrate with them in their joys.


See the diverse situations around you. In your neighborhood, at work, at church and at home, on any given day you will find people who are rejoicing and others who are weeping. The neighbor who just lost her job. The young family whose son won his first ball game. The elderly couple facing health challenges. The husband whose wife just walked out on their family. Notice the situations. Do not pry into other people’s business, but when they open the door for you to minister to them, you will be ready to do whatever God calls you to do.

Connect with people personally. Just like Jesus did, take the time to connect with them. Jesus attended weddings and festivals in Jerusalem. I can see the smiles on people’s faces now. Jesus also sat for hours as broken people came to him, one at a time, seeking healing. He wept at the tomb of his good friend Lazarus, alongside his friends Mary and Martha. For you, it may mean stopping what you are a doing for a few minutes to take time for your family member, friend, coworker or neighbor who needs you. Take the time to connect with them personally to see what you can do.

Stay focused and in the moment. When Jesus interacted with people, he made them feel so important that it probably felt to them at that moment that they were the only person on earth receiving his attention. Because Jesus focused his attention on them, they knew that God loved them. Jesus showed them that love. You have the same opportunity. Whether the person is weeping or rejoicing, when you look them in the eye, silence your mobile phone, and spend time with them, they know that you care. And they know that God cares too.

Find ways to encourage and serve them. If they are rejoicing, they may simply need a high five, fist bump or pat on the back. It may be helpful for them to hear you say, “Praise the Lord” or “Great job” or whatever phrase is appropriate. If they are weeping, you can encourage them and serve them by just being there for them. Many times you may not know exactly what to say, but that’s OK. Simply being there with them means the world to them. Serve them by getting them some water or preparing a meal for them or doing a task that they ask you to do. In the midst of weeping, the smallest gestures of kindness make lasting impact.

Love them authentically. Jesus loved people authentically. There was no pretending. When he walked the earth, people noticed a difference in him in so many ways. He loves people still today. We should follow his example. Do not be fake. Genuinely weep with those who are weeping, and genuinely rejoice with those who are rejoicing. People can tell if you are being real or not. Love them authentically.

One thought on “Weeping & Rejoicing

  1. Thank you for this Derek. Someone very close to me (not Doc) is going through rough times, and is having a hard time rejoicing when people around her rejoice. That attitude is causing her to become mean-spirited. I have told her even when circumstances are not good for us, we still need to rejoice with others when they rejoice; and when things are going well for us, we need to be empathetic with others going through struggles.

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