Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD

Life is not always good. Life brings troubles. Sometimes they are small issues and sometimes they are major problems. Sometimes your troubles are your fault and sometimes they are someone else’s fault. Sometimes you may not even know the source of the challenges you are facing, but the challenges are there nonetheless. When troubles come your way, what gets you through?

David knew what it meant to experience difficulties. King Saul was pursuing him with an army, trying to take David’s life. No doubt David must have been concerned, anxious or even downright afraid. When fear tried to grip him, what did David do? He didn’t just think nice thoughts. He ran to the One who is eternally good. He ran to God. Psalm 34 is a record of the encouragement David received from the Lord.

Let me encourage you to read this Psalm before you read the rest of this post. And, let me encourage you mark this Psalm in your Bible. I come back to it time after time to help keep right perspective when life’s troubles are all around me.

Life is not always good. But God always is. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

In Psalm 34, let’s recognize that the Lord is good. In this Psalm, we see at least twenty-one different ways that the Lord is good.

  1. He answers when you call (v4)
  2. He delivers you from all your fears (v4)
  3. He gives you joy (v5)
  4. He takes away your shame (v5)
  5. He hears the humble (v6)
  6. He saves you from all your troubles (v6)
  7. He protects you on every side (v7)
  8. He rescues you (v7)
  9. He gives you everything you need (v9)
  10. He gives you teachers to instruct you (v11)
  11. He shows you the way to abundant life (v12)
  12. He keeps his eyes on you (v15)
  13. He listens to your cry for help (v15)
  14. He sets his face against evildoers (v16)
  15. He is near the brokenhearted (v18)
  16. He saves those crushed in spirit (v18)
  17. He delivers you from adversities (v19)
  18. He protects all your bones (v20)
  19. He does not let the guilty go unpunished (v21)
  20. He redeems you (v22)
  21. He shows mercy on you (v22)

Based on the truths in Psalm 34, let me encourage you to respond to the Lord’s goodness in these six ways.

  1. Praise him (v1)
  2. Proclaim his greatness (vv2-3)
  3. Enjoy him (v8)
  4. Take refuge in him (v8)
  5. Fear him (v9)
  6. Trust in him (vv22)

Life is full of troubles. Life is not always good. But in the midst of even the most difficult times, you can taste and see that the Lord is GOOD.

One thought on “Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD

  1. Derek, thanks for sharing this! I have experienced this reality in my life. Can I still say “God is good” when life is not going the way I want or is painful? I am a work in process but I am learning to praise God and proclaim He IS good, no matter the circumstances. I hope to be able to keep up with your future writings! ~ Amanda Wilkins

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