Dry bones come back to life!

If you saw a news headline that declared, "Dry bones come back to life!" you might think you were reading from a tabloid news outlet or maybe the entertainment section. You certainly would not expect it to be written by an eyewitness reporter who was on the scene when it happened. But the prophet Ezekiel … Continue reading Dry bones come back to life!

God is Sovereign

God is in charge. He is above all. He is in control. He is sovereign. Sometimes it is hard to understand his sovereignty when tragedies occur, such as mass shootings, floods, fires and hurricanes. We must look to the Bible for understanding and direction.¬†When Jesus speaks about end times events, he speaks of God's sovereignty … Continue reading God is Sovereign

Is God Good?

When bad things happen, people ask... "If God is all-powerful, why did He allow this to happen?" "If God is all-loving, how can He sit back and watch people suffer?" "If God is all-knowing, didn't He see this coming?" Those are important questions to consider, and not always easy to answer. I believe there are … Continue reading Is God Good?

God Has a Plan

God has a plan. He has a plan for everything. He works in and through our lives to grow us, stretch us, and work through us, with the #1 goal of leading men, women, teenagers, and children to faith in Jesus Christ. If we can remember that is the goal, we will find great encouragement … Continue reading God Has a Plan