From Suffering to Victory

From the cross, as He was suffering with excruciating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain, Jesus cried out to the Father: "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" I try to imagine myself at the foot of the cross, hearing Jesus cry out these words. Jesus' prayer was a quote from Psalm 22, verse... Continue Reading →

Jesus & Nicodemus

When you read the Gospel of John, you notice life-changing encounters that people have with Jesus. Jesus changing the lives of the woman at the well, Philip and Nathanael, and the man who had been sick for 38 years all happen in the first five chapters! One leading spiritual leader in Jerusalem, Nicodemus, approached Jesus... Continue Reading →

Suffering: You Were CALLED To This?!

No one desires suffering. No one asks to suffering. But for the sake of Christ, Christians will endure it. And they will glorify God in the midst of it. This side of heaven, we don't always know why suffering comes. We may know the causes of suffering -- health issues, financial struggles, broken relationships, overbearing... Continue Reading →

Expensive Perfume

Did you ever hear about the time that Jesus got doused in perfume from head to toe? It was a big deal. A very big deal. There was a purpose behind it, although maybe not obvious at first. Some people thought it was a waste of costly perfume. But it wasn't. Jesus thought it was so... Continue Reading →

Are You Teachable?

One of the characteristics that I admire the most in people is this: being teachable. These are people who are constantly thinking, reading, listening, praying, feeling, and learning. They are many times early-adapters of new technologies, strategies and leadership principles. I especially admire those who take all the ideas they are bombarded with, put them... Continue Reading →

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