When you need wisdom and counsel, to whom do you turn? When Jesus walked the earth, he was the perfect counselor for his followers, a wonderful counselor. Because he is not physically with us now on earth, where do we find the best counsel? The Holy Spirit! John 14:15-31 Jesus says, 15 "If you love … Continue reading Counselor

The Word of our God Remains Forever

When you go through very difficult times, finding answers and finding hope can be a challenge. When evil seems to be winning, it can appear that good will not prevail. When the circumstances of life are confusing, where do you turn? Turn to the Bible, the Word of God. God's Word remains forever. The Lord … Continue reading The Word of our God Remains Forever

God’s Comfort is Real

At the beginning of Isaiah chapter 40, we find a nation struggling to find answers. The prophet Isaiah had been warning the nation that their sin and their determination to turn their back on the Lord would result in God's judgment upon them, specifically that they would be invaded by the Assyrian Empire soon and that later … Continue reading God’s Comfort is Real

Doing What God Wants You To Do

God has great plans for your life. His plans for you are even better than the plans that you have for your life. You would be wise to look to Him and His Word, the Bible, to discover those plans. The Bible uses the phrase "the will of God, " the things that "God wills, "God wants...," … Continue reading Doing What God Wants You To Do