NCAA Football National Championship

Alabama vs Oklahoma. Clemson vs Notre Dame. One of these four teams will become the NCAA football national champion this season. For more than thirty years, I have been a fan of Notre Dame. I'm a realistic fan but a fan nonetheless. I'm rooting for them to defeat Clemson then take on the Alabama/Oklahoma winner... Continue Reading →

Dacula Fall Market

Many of you know that one of the ways I stay involved in sports these days is by helping coach my son's lacrosse team at Dacula High School. Our team has an annual fundraiser on Saturday, October 13 at 9AM-3PM at the corner of Fence Rd and Dacula Rd, in the parking lot of our... Continue Reading →

2018 MLB Playoffs

This is the best time of the year for baseball fans. And as a guy who cheers for the Yankees and the Braves, it is good to have both of those teams back in the playoffs. The Red Sox and Dodgers look strong though, so it may be hard to get out of the first... Continue Reading →

2018 NFL Schedule

Here is the 2018 NFL regular season schedule, all in one place. Hope your team has a good season unless your team is playing the Patriots, Giants or Falcons. And remember, it's only a game. I'm constantly having to remind myself of that. 1 Timothy 4:8 "For physical training is of some value but godliness... Continue Reading →

Playoffs and Rankings

Two of my favorite teams are playing pretty well right now. The Georgia Bulldogs are ranked #3 in the NCAA College Football rankings, right behind Alabama and Penn State. There are many games left in this season's schedule, plus a potential monster game against Alabama in the SEC Championship Game in December, before the Dawgs... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Sports Teams

Because people are always asking me which teams I root for, I've listed my favorite teams below. After you get past the top two or three teams for each of these sports, I really don't care who wins. Sports are fun, but I work hard to not allow them to become an idol in my... Continue Reading →

Flag Football

Once again this spring, I had the opportunity to coach my son's flag football team. We had a great group of boys. Of the nine boys, three had played tackle football before, two had played flag football a few seasons, and four were brand new to the sport. The boys had fun, and each player... Continue Reading →

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