My Favorite Sports Teams

20150929_220512Because people are always asking me which teams I root for, I’ve listed my favorite teams below. After you get past the top two or three teams for each of these sports, I really don’t care who wins. Sports are fun, but I work hard to not allow them to become an idol in my life.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

  1. New York YANKEES
  2. Atlanta BRAVES

Key Points:

  • When these two teams are out of the playoffs each year, I consider baseball season over
  • So if it’s NYY vs ATL in the World Series in the future, I’ll be pulling for the Yanks. Just sayin’

National Football League (NFL)

  1. New England PATRIOTS
  2. New York Football GIANTS
  3. Atlanta FALCONS

Key Points:

  • Love the ways the Pats and G-Men win Championships
  • The Falcons are headed in the right direction

College Football (NCAA)

  1. Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH
  2. Georgia BULLDOGS
  3. Georgia Tech YELLOW JACKETS

Key Points:

  • Born in Athens GA, so I was literally born a Dawgs fan
  • Since my trip to South Bend in high school which included: a pep talk by Coach Lou Holtz, putting my hand on the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign, going into the locker room before the spring football game, standing on the sideline during the game, and looking up at “Touchdown Jesus,” I’ve been an Irish fan
  • Lots of GA Tech friends, so pull for those guys whenever they’re not playing the Irish or the Dawgs

Who are your favorite teams?

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Sports Teams

  1. Our favorite team is the one Tim Tebow plays on or the ones like the Seattle Seahawks who have a majority of born-again believers.

  2. For MLB: The San Francisco Giants largely because most of the players are out-spoken believers. My back-up team (since the Giants are out this year) is the Toronto Blue Jays because Josh Donaldson played college summer league ball for the AIA team I work for. Would love to see a former Nook in the World Series. We have one other former player from our team who is on the Mets so perhaps one or both guys will make it to the big dance!
    For NFL: Seattle Seahawks as well. Not only do I root for them because of their out-spoken faith but also Russell Wilson reached out to my friend when she was battling cancer a couple years ago. How could I NOT root for them. I also keep track of the Oakland Raiders because my friend Derek Carr is the starting QB for them.
    For College Football: The Florida Gators and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Tebow and Urban Meyer connections. 😉
    For NBA: Golden State Warriors
    For College Basketball: Duke Blue Devils – I love Coach K and my cousin also went to school there.
    I do also follow a little tennis and a few other sports but these are the main ones! Thanks for sharing yours with us!! Hope all is well!!

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