Flag Football

Once again this spring, I had the opportunity to coach my son’s flag football team. We had a great group of boys. Of the nine boys, three had played tackle football before, two had played flag football a few seasons, and four were brand new to the sport. The boys had fun, and each player improved as the season went along.

We had a great season, winning the championship. But that’s not the best part of the season. The best part was that the team learned some great values and life lessons. The boys learned…

– do your best
– learn new skills
– work together with your teammates
– overcome adversity
– keep your cool when things don’t go your way
– have a positive attitude
– we are better as a team than as a group of individuals
– have fun
– every has an important role
– always play by the rules
– and much more

It was fun to coach the boys and get to know their families a little bit too. After our last game, I told the team that I looked forward to seeing them around town, in the neighborhood, at the ball field, at school, or at church.

My prayer is that each boy and his family realize how much God loves them and that He has great plans for their life and their eternity. Coaching flag football helped me get to know some great boys and their families.

4 thoughts on “Flag Football

  1. We enjoyed this season and are very proud of you and the team. I even learned a little about flag football! I had never been to a game before this season. Congrats, guy

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