2018 MLB Playoffs

This is the best time of the year for baseball fans. And as a guy who cheers for the Yankees and the Braves, it is good to have both of those teams back in the playoffs. The Red Sox and Dodgers look strong though, so it may be hard to get out of the first round.

Here are some things I try to remember about sports, to keep things in perspective.

  • Sports are only temporary. So enjoy the season and enjoy the playoffs, but don’t get stressed out about who wins and loses. There’s always next season.
  • Sports are for fun! God loves to see his children enjoying his creation and spending time with other people. So whether it be tee-ball or the major leagues, keep it in perspective and don’t let it get out of hand.
  • Sports and sports heroes are not to be idolized. Don’t let your love for sports come before your love for God. He is the real hero in your life.
  • Sports can consume your time, thoughts and even money if you’re not careful. I would recommend NEVER betting on sports because it’s a waste of money and a slippery slope toward an addiction to gambling. Similarly, if you find that fantasy sports or simply watching games keeps you away from family time, reading God’s Word, prayer, church involvement, or serving others, then you may need to evaluate your priorities.

With all of those things being said, I’ll watch a few innings here and there of the playoffs, maybe some entire playoff games along the way, and hopefully my teams will win.

Go Yanks! and Go Braves!

2 thoughts on “2018 MLB Playoffs

  1. Derek you are the best “Bookie” for GOD that I know! Love you man and look forward to worshipping with you tomorrow. We gave up our Ga. Tickets so we can stay home and get a good Night sleep AFTER watching the Dawgs whip up on The Commodores! GOD bless.

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