20-Second Testimony

The idea behind a 20-second testimony is to share a little bit about your story with someone so that you can ultimately share His story with them. The story of Jesus is what can change a person's life. Your story may be the bridge to telling the gospel story with someone who desperately needs to... Continue Reading →

God is Sovereign

God is in charge. He is above all. He is in control. He is sovereign. Sometimes it is hard to understand his sovereignty when tragedies occur, such as mass shootings, floods, fires and hurricanes. We must look to the Bible for understanding and direction. When Jesus speaks about end times events, he speaks of God's sovereignty... Continue Reading →

Telling the Greatest Story

Everyone loves to hear a great story. The greatest story is the story of Jesus and His love for mankind. Will you pray for opportunities and take the opportunities that are before you to tell the greatest story ever told? Notice the way that Paul told the story of Jesus. Acts 17:1-4 1  Then they traveled... Continue Reading →

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