The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of God’s love

When Jesus walked the earth, he told his followers that it would be even better for them after he left and returned to heaven. He promised to send the Holy Spirit upon the earth. At first it is hard to imagine how it is better without Jesus physically on earth. But when you realize that … Continue reading The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a demonstration of God’s love

Endure Persecution

All over the world today, Christians are persecuted for their faith. It is a fact of life, and it should not be a surprise to true believers. It is the pattern in the Bible. In the first century and today, Christians are imprisoned, tortured, ostracized and even killed simply because they unashamedly follow Jesus. In … Continue reading Endure Persecution

Love One Another

When Jesus said, "They will know you are my disciples by...," he could have ended that sentence in lots of ways. He finished it perfectly of course. He did not point to religious activity or theological aptitude or political zeal. No, rather he pointed to the one thing that touches the heart of every person … Continue reading Love One Another

Do Everything in Love

There are a host of reasons people do the good things they do: they feel like they have to (obligation) somebody pays them to do it (compensation) to make themselves look good (reputation) they've always done it (dedication) to get something in return (reciprocation) because it is fun (recreation) to lift someone else up (elevation) … Continue reading Do Everything in Love

God is really among you!

Wouldn't it be great if every time you gathered together with a group of believers in Jesus for a worship service that unbelievers felt welcome to attend and to consider their own spiritual life? What if when they attended they declared, "God is really among you!" or something like that? Every time we gather, we … Continue reading God is really among you!

The greatest of these is love

When you think of "love," who is the first person in your life that comes to mind? Spouse, parent, child, friend, brother, sister? How does that person show love to you, and how do you show it to them? The Bible calls us to let steadfast, unconditional love be one of the hallmarks of our … Continue reading The greatest of these is love

Where was God when the Las Vegas shooting occurred?

When tragedies occur such as the recent massacre of people attending a concert in Las Vegas, it is very normal to ask the question, "Where was God while this was happening? Why didn't he stop it?" God's Word guides us. In times like these, it is important to seek the Lord and think biblically. We … Continue reading Where was God when the Las Vegas shooting occurred?

Extreme Cases

The question is this: should a church ever remove someone from their fellowship? The Corinthian church was a mess. The city of Corinth was very sinful, so much so that even the religious components of first-century Corinth fed the lusts of the flesh. Amazingly, in the midst of this city, God was rescuing people from … Continue reading Extreme Cases

Christian Ethics

What are the governing principles of your life that determine what you think about, say and do? As followers of Jesus, we seek to live our lives in the way of Christ. These Christian ethics help us to navigate the ever-changing streams of contemporary culture, keeping us grounded on the truths of God's Word, helping … Continue reading Christian Ethics