God is really among you!

Wouldn't it be great if every time you gathered together with a group of believers in Jesus for a worship service that unbelievers felt welcome to attend and to consider their own spiritual life? What if when they attended they declared, "God is really among you!" or something like that? Every time we gather, we... Continue Reading →

Extreme Cases

The question is this: should a church ever remove someone from their fellowship? The Corinthian church was a mess. The city of Corinth was very sinful, so much so that even the religious components of first-century Corinth fed the lusts of the flesh. Amazingly, in the midst of this city, God was rescuing people from... Continue Reading →

One Body, Many Members

In the same way that all of the parts of your physical body are important, all of the parts of the body of Christ are important. There are many members, but we are all part of one body. We have a local body of believers that we are part of (our church), and also we... Continue Reading →

4D Kingdom Builders — Resource Page

A 4D Kingdom Builder is a spiritual leader and difference-maker for Christ... @Home @Work @Church @Community We have put together a Resource Page to help you. On the page, you will find: > An overview: "What is a 4D Kingdom Builder?" A 4D Kingdom Builder is someone who does not compartmentalize their faith but is a... Continue Reading →

I’d go to that church!

Jesus established the church. The church is a gathering of believers, not a building. The church is people. The Bible uses several important terms to describe how churches relate to one another and to God, and how a church is to function. The church is a family, and we relate to one another as brothers and sisters.... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Role?

I've been part of some great teams in my life: sports teams, volunteer groups, church staffs, churches, more. On great teams, the team members each know what their role is and they do a great job of fulfilling their role. For a church to function in the way that God intends, each person must know... Continue Reading →

Invest in Next

The next generation of children, students, and young adults has the potential to change the world. God has great plans for them. Let's encourage them to be all that God wants them to be. It's easier than you think. STEP 1: OPEN HOUSE -- Visit and Observe on a Sunday in July  Each Sunday morning... Continue Reading →

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