Jesus & Nicodemus

When you read the Gospel of John, you notice life-changing encounters that people have with Jesus. Jesus changing the lives of the woman at the well, Philip and Nathanael, and the man who had been sick for 38 years all happen in the first five chapters! One leading spiritual leader in Jerusalem, Nicodemus, approached Jesus … Continue reading Jesus & Nicodemus

Mini Fall Festivals

On October 31, many of your neighbors will come over to your house, dressed in costumes, asking for free candy. Let's take this opportunity to get to know our neighbors better and advance the cause of Christ at the same time. So here's the idea: Set up a “mini fall festival’ in your yard. It … Continue reading Mini Fall Festivals

The Light of the World

The news we read online and hear on TV is not always good news. The reporters are talking about the government shutdown, looming debt crisis, wars around the world, leaders who won't work together, crime in local communities and more. It could get you depressed and discouraged. However, if you know that God is in … Continue reading The Light of the World

Walk Just as Jesus Walked

When you say it this way, it seems way too obvious: a Christ-follower will follow Christ. But too many people who call themselves Christians (aka, Christ-followers) do not walk the way Jesus walked, and they seemingly have no desire to do so. Their words, attitude, behavior, actions and decisions are not at all what Jesus … Continue reading Walk Just as Jesus Walked