A Prayer on the Most Difficult Days

When you see the images in the media today of bombings, destroyed buildings and terrified people in war-torn areas of the world, you have an idea of what the children of Israel endured during the Babylonian invasion. The Babylonians destroyed their city, their temple, their homes, their very lives. Their lives were disrupted forever. Some … Continue reading A Prayer on the Most Difficult Days

Purpose in the Pain

This week our hearts and prayers have been with the people of Oklahoma City, who were devastated by a massive tornado that led to much destruction and death. Like me, many of you have friends and family who live in OKC who have been impacted by the storm. Disaster relief teams are on the ground … Continue reading Purpose in the Pain


Where do you find security in life? Is it in your bank account or job or accomplishments or relationships or fame? I hope not, because you will never find permanent security in anything other than God. So how do you lean on God for ultimate security, in this life and forever?┬áThese and other questions are … Continue reading Security