Manna, Quail & Water: God Provides

Just a short time after experiencing one of the greatest miracles in history -- crossing the Red Sea -- the Israelites faced another huge dilemma: they were running out of food and water. They complained to Moses. And he took their complaints to God. God knows your needs The truth is that God knew their … Continue reading Manna, Quail & Water: God Provides

Abraham & Isaac

It's fascinating to think about the conversations that Isaac would have had with his father growing up. Abraham would have told his son all about God's promises and God's faithfulness in generations gone by. He would have told Isaac about God our Creator, about Adam and Eve in the Garden, about the Fall, and about … Continue reading Abraham & Isaac

In the Middle of the Desert, God Provides

The children of Israel knew their history. Their ancestors wandered in the desert wilderness for 40 years before entering the promised land of God's abundance. At one point in their journey, when they were completely out of water, they cried out to the Lord in prayer and God provided water from a rock. Hundreds of … Continue reading In the Middle of the Desert, God Provides


Where do you find security in life? Is it in your bank account or job or accomplishments or relationships or fame? I hope not, because you will never find permanent security in anything other than God. So how do you lean on God for ultimate security, in this life and forever?┬áThese and other questions are … Continue reading Security