God’s Blessings

For the first-centuries followers of Jesus living in Ephesus, there were many reasons to first and foremost see themselves as Ephesians. Like the mantra from another movie, you could almost here the people of that city shouting, “We. Are. Ephesians!” From the grand temple to Artemis (the goddess of fertility) to the massive amphitheater to … Continue reading God’s Blessings

What’s Your Role?

I've been part of some great teams in my life: sports teams, volunteer groups, church staffs, churches, more. On great teams, the team members each know what their role is and they do a great job of fulfilling their role. For a church to function in the way that God intends, each person must know … Continue reading What’s Your Role?

Legacy of a Warrior: Shoes Ready to Go Places to Share Good News

Warriors are usually shouting insults at their enemies. Or they are hidden in silence, waiting for just the right time to attack. But the way of Christ is not like that. Those who follow Jesus Christ have great news to share with all people, even those who might seem to be their enemies and even … Continue reading Legacy of a Warrior: Shoes Ready to Go Places to Share Good News

Prayers Heard ‘Round the World

Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing prayer is? The God of the universe cares so much about us being part of His plans for the world that He invites us to talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him. On Wednesday as we drove through a snow storm in VA (do they … Continue reading Prayers Heard ‘Round the World