4D Kingdom Builders — Resource Page

A 4D Kingdom Builder is a spiritual leader and difference-maker for Christ…

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We have put together a Resource Page to help you. On the page, you will find:

> An overview: “What is a 4D Kingdom Builder?”

A 4D Kingdom Builder is someone who does not compartmentalize their faith but is a spiritual leader and difference-maker for Christ everywhere they go.

> The latest 4D Kingdom Builder Podcast

This month’s podcast is a 11-minute audio podcast featuring Pastors Kevin Miller, Derek Spain and Keith Savage discussing “How to be a 4D Kingdom Builder @Home during the Holidays.”

> Featured Blog

This month’s blog is written by Becky Skelton and is entitled “Generational Influence.”

> Spiritual Growth Journey

A 40-day study of 7 Life Marks of a disciple of Jesus. This study is designed to be used for personal or small group discipleship @home, @work, @church or @community.

> Right Now Media

A quick link to this library of discipleship videos that you can watch anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

> 4D Kingdom Builder Message Series

Links to the 6-week series by Pastors Kevin Miller and Derek Spain

Links to the Study Guides that accompany each message

We need 4D Kingdom Builders of all ages! You are not too young or too old for God to use you to expand His kingdom.

Click HERE to go to the Resource Page to check out one or more of the resources today as you continue your journey to become a 4D Kingdom Builder.

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