Eight Truths about Spiritual Gifts

When I was a kid, Mr and Mrs Potato Head were popular toys. They were fun toys to play with, but they looked pretty weird if you put the eyes where the ears were supposed to go or the nose where the mouth was supposed to go. When you put each part where it was … Continue reading Eight Truths about Spiritual Gifts

What’s Your Role?

I've been part of some great teams in my life: sports teams, volunteer groups, church staffs, churches, more. On great teams, the team members each know what their role is and they do a great job of fulfilling their role. For a church to function in the way that God intends, each person must know … Continue reading What’s Your Role?

Leaving a Legacy

What kind of legacy are you going to leave? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What kind of legacy does God want you to leave? One man who lived about 3000 years ago was a soldier, a shepherd and a king at different points of his life. He was not perfect by … Continue reading Leaving a Legacy