Derek, like Derek Jeter… without the money

When you meet new people, how do you introduce yourself?

For me, it goes like this: “Hey, I’m Derek, like Derek Jeter – just without the money!”

Why would I introduce myself like that?

Before I get to the answer, I want to say this: I am convinced that it is important to learn people’s names. I work hard at it. People use all sorts of memory techniques to remember names. I’m not perfect at it, but I ask the Lord to help me and I work hard to learn people’s names. People are important to God. There are entire sections of the Bible that list people’s names because people are important to God. People are important to me, so me making the effort to learn their name is important to me.

With that being said, I try to make it as easy as possible for people to remember my name. I used to live in the mountains of New York, and Derek Jeter was the shortstop for the Yankees during that time. He and I spell our names the same way: D-E-R-E-K. So, when I say that my name is Derek, like Derek Jeter, I’m actually telling people how to spell my name and telling them something about me (I used to live in NY). And when I say, “…without the money…” that is no understatement, because Jeter has earned a lot of money in his lifetime. When I say that, people usually laugh. They know that I don’t have as much money as Derek Jeter, and I’m OK with that. God has been faithful to provide for my family and me, meeting all of our needs.

I’m just me. I don’t try to be someone that I’m not. With God’s help, I want to continually live an authentic life, to be an encouragement to others, to love my family and friends, to help people through my real estate business with buying and selling homes, to lead people spiritually, to have fun working out and playing pick-up basketball with the guys at the gym (I’m one of the “OG’s”), to coach athletes, and to glorify God with all that I do.

A few final thoughts:

  1. For those in business, let me encourage you to think about how you introduce yourself to others. Be authentic. Be memorable. When you are those things, and you know your business, people will trust you to work with them or for them.
  2. For those in positions of leadership (church, business, education, etc), let me encourage you to really learn your people. Know what their names are, know details about them (things they share with you). Show them you really care.
  3. For everyone, you matter to God. He knows your name!

5 thoughts on “Derek, like Derek Jeter… without the money

  1. Hey! Yiu are great and names and at making those around you feel significant! I am terrible at names!! It’s not because I don’t care – I think I just went through too many names with zagillions of students passing through. An of course I’m old – there’s that. But you helped me learn how important it is to try to let others know they are important to me. You, Derek, are very important to me and Paul & I love you. Can’t wait to meet Mary!!

  2. Pastor Derek – You one of my favorite blessings. The good news is God’s perfect timing. He uses us when we are ready. Sometimes we don’t realize Romans 8:28 just happened.

  3. Thanks Derek. I know we met at Hebron but do not remember “how” we were introduced!!!—choir or teaching or as a Pastor. I enjoy knowing you and always will. I still miss you as one of our pastors!!!! Love you, Diane Martin

  4. Hi Derek,
    I’m Mary not merry like Merry Christmas! Lol… It was really good to hear from you again. I love following your messages. Miss having you here with us though… God bless… Mary

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