Inspiring others to have HOPE in the midst of the pandemic

Yesterday at Costco was bizarre. It inspired me to write this short post.

Everyone was filled with fear. No one was talking to one another. There was a line of course to enter the store, since the store is doing their part to limit the number of shoppers inside the building, to help everyone to practice social distancing.

More than half of the people were wearing masks. People were super-apologetic if their cart got within six feet of yours. People seemed hopeless. No one would look at each other. It’s like everyone was suspicious that everyone else might be carrying the virus.

On my way out of the store, I had a short conversation with the cashier. I simply said to her, “It’s going to be OK. We’re going to make it through this. God will help us.”

She looked at me and said, “Thank you! Who sent you?” I didn’t know how to respond. I simply said, “I guess you could say God sent me here today.” She went on to talk about how cold and rude and hopeless so many shoppers had been to her. She verbalized what I had been seeing as I walked around the store.

That short incident reminded me that we have the opportunity during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic to use our words to inspire FAITH instead of fear, to give HOPE and CONFIDENCE rather than doom and gloom. Look for opportunities to use your words to ENCOURAGE others.

My hope is in Jesus Christ for salvation, and for everything in this life and for eternal life. God Almighty is the sovereign sustainer of the universe, and He will get us through.

Psalm 121 – The Lord our Protector

I lift my eyes toward the mountains.
Where will my help come from?
2 My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will not allow your foot to slip;
your Protector will not slumber.
4 Indeed, the Protector of Israel
does not slumber or sleep.

5 The Lord protects you;
the Lord is a shelter right by your side.
6 The sun will not strike you by day
or the moon by night.

7 The Lord will protect you from all harm;
he will protect your life.
8 The Lord will protect your coming and going
both now and forever.

I am grateful for everyone who is providing goods and services to help people through this time, for every scientist and leader who is working to eradicate coronavirus, for every medical professional who is treating the sick, for every organization and volunteer that is caring for the lonely.

Each one of us can do our part. Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, practice social distancing. And also as you have the opportunity on text messages or phone calls or FaceTime or Zoom calls or at grocery stores or along hiking trails or wherever you are, SMILE at people. Say HELLO. And use your words to inspire FAITH, HOPE and CONFIDENCE.

We will get through this. God will get us through.

12 thoughts on “Inspiring others to have HOPE in the midst of the pandemic

  1. Thank you Derek. I am house- bound due to some injuries from falling and confined since 3-11-20. Please remember me and my family in your prayers. Shirley Houston 🙏

  2. Hey – Thanks for this! Have been meaning to reach out and see how yall are holding up. We got home safely and are just finishing a 2-week quarantine. This area is like a ghost town. God bless and love to all of you! Pat

  3. Thanks for your inspiring words Derek! Trust you and your family are well and staying safe. GOD BLESS ya’ll and keep you and may HIS face shine upon you and give you peace. Tharp

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  4. Thanks Derek. Yes I see similar. My FB videos daily to the church are having effect. It is sad to see so many people clearly without a hope that is within as Peter says. Latter days my brother.

  5. Thank you Derek. God blesses you to be in the right place at the right time. And then you bless us by sharing. You have a wonderful way of helping us understand. You are an awesome example of Jesus. Love you, Hilda

  6. Derek Hope this finds you and family well Maggie and I appreciated your note as we’ve experienced the same thing both at store and while we walk each day at little mulberry park Seems they are afraid to look at you and certainly takes all they can do to say hello I asked my class online today if we are trusting God..or just hoping so? Take care and thanks again Gary

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  7. Yes, AMEN! We have a light to shine and we need to shine now more than ever! God bless you and yours! Tammy

  8. Derek, thank you for these good words! I have experienced the same thing – smiling at, and speaking to people, I don’t know, as I always do. There are few smiles in return. It’s as if all joy has left them and been replaced with fear.

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