Driving tip #44

Driving Tip #44: Driving safely in the snow

PART A: If you’ve never driven in the snow, then you probably shouldn’t, unless you have an emergency. So enjoy the snow day and stay home. You will be safer and everyone else will be too. Ok, now that we’ve gotten out of the way…

PART B: If you are going to be driving on snowy roads, keep these things in mind:

● If at all possible, drive a four-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicle. NOTE: Rear-wheel vehicles have a difficult time going up hills. If you must drive a rear-wheel vehicle, put something very heavy in the back of the vehicle (not your kids or the neighbor’s kids).

● Go slow. Especially down hills.

● Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

● Always ease on the brakes. If you slam on the brakes, you will slide and you might end up off the road.

● If you do slide on the snow, then carefully and slowly turn your steering wheel in the direction you are sliding until you straighten back up. Remember to ease on the brakes.

● Trying to “have fun” by doing donuts and other similar driving activities usually ends up in a crash, so have your auto insurance company telephone number and your credit card handy. It costs money to repair crashes.

Drive safely!

4 thoughts on “Driving tip #44

  1. Sort of funny how some people yesterday used a nameless local church parking lot to do slides and donuts and such in their cars, while another person recorded all on video. (I should have taken a video of the person taking the video). Best I can tell nobody ran into anything. Last night’s snow obliterated all the evidence.

  2. Great advice! I also “downshift” into a lower gear when going down hill. It slows you down so braking as much isnt necessary.

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