You Can Make a Difference

Every day, everywhere you go, there are opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. If you are paying attention, you will see the ways you can be a blessing to others at home, at church, at work and in the community.

A 4D Kingdom Builder is on mission everywhere they go. You can be a 4D Kingdom Builder, making a difference for Christ @home, @church, @work, and @community. You can learn from the example of Philip in the Bible, who was used by the Lord to make a difference in the life of an Ethiopian official, and through him to impact an entire nation. The story is found in Acts 8:26-40.

Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that Philip was faithfully serving the Lord in Samaria, the region of Israel north of Jerusalem, telling the people there of God’s love and how Jesus came to be their Savior. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit impressed upon Philip that he should travel south along the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. Philip followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and traveled the desert road, where he encountered a man in a chariot. The Holy Spirit instructed Philip to go over to the chariot.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us today. He impresses us to do things that are in line with God’s Word and God’s will. For example, at work you may notice that a coworker is particularly quiet and somber. The Holy Spirit may prompt you simply to ask them, “How can I pray for you? Is everything OK?” If the Holy Spirit prompts you in that way, following His leading.

Join God is His work. When Philip came upon the chariot, he found an Ethiopian official who was reading the prophet Isaiah. Philip may have expected to find a person was not interested in spiritual things at all, but instead he found someone who was searching hard after God.

As you seek to make a difference in the lives of others, you will find that God is working in the lives of people all around you. The Bible tells us that no one seeks God unless He draws them (John 6:44). So when you find people who are interested in spiritual things or praying or reading the Bible, and God through His Spirit leads you to speak to them, you can be confident He is inviting you to join Him in His work.

Guide people toward faith in Jesus. The Ethiopian official asked Philip to guide him as he read the Scriptures. The Bible says that Philip started with the passage the man was reading and told him the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Philip told him that Jesus was the Promised Messiah, the Savior of all who will believe in Him.

As you guide people toward faith in Jesus, encourage people to read the Bible and discuss it with you. Ask them how you can pray for them. Suggest a good Christian book for them to read that deals with a situation going on in their life. Tell them what God is doing in your life. Recommend a song or podcast that has inspired you. There are many ways to guide people toward faith in Jesus. When the situation is right, ask them if they are willing to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Help them to take their next step of obedience. As they traveled down the road, the Ethiopian official asked Philip what prevented him from being baptized? Philip challenged him to publicly declare his faith in Christ by giving a verbal declaration of his faith in Jesus. He did that. Then, the chariot stopped and both Philip and the Ethiopian went into the water. Philip baptized him in obedience of the command of Jesus. What an exciting day!

A great question to ask people is, “What do you think is your next step in your spiritual journey?” Like the Ethiopian official, some will be ready to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Others, again like the Ethiopian official, need to be baptized to publicly demonstrate to the world that they are followers of Jesus. Still others may need the Lord’s direction on a decision to make, or they may need to know the comfort of the Lord. There will be people who are not quite sure how to answer the question. In each of these instances and others, the Lord will guide you as you help them.

You can make a difference in the lives of others. Spiritual leaders move people onto God’s agenda. Ask God to use you today to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.

You never know the impact your life may have. Through the witness of Philip, the Ethiopian official put his faith and trust in Jesus. He traveled back to his country and became a witness for Christ. In addition, history tells us that Matthew, Bartholomew and others traveled to Ethiopia as missionaries. Through the combined witness of many, the gospel exploded in Ethiopia.

Two thousand years later — just a few months ago — I was in Chicago riding in a taxi. I asked the driver where he was from, and he said, “Ethiopia.” I asked him if he was a Christian, and enthusiastically he said, “Yes!” On that day, I thought of how amazing that the gospel first came to Ethiopia by an official who was encountered by a man named Philip, someone who was willing to make a difference for Christ wherever the Lord sent him.

You can make a difference, too. The one life you impact may in turn impact an entire nation and still be making a difference two thousand years into the future.

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