Seven Ways To Develop Your Leaders

As spiritual leaders, we have the opportunity to work with some incredible volunteers and staff members who dedicate their lives to following Christ and leading others to follow Christ. We have a God-given responsibility to develop them in such a way that they can develop others who will in turn develop others (2 Timothy 2:2).

God has plans to use these leaders to minister to people in times of need, to lead people to faith in Christ, and to teach people to walk in the way of Jesus. So how do you develop leaders?

1. Pray for them. Talk to God on their behalf. Ask Him to bless them, encourage them, and use them greatly for His glory.

2. Inspire them. Tell them stories of God working in the lives of others. Give them examples from the Bible of God using ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Share with them a clear vision for their role as a leader.

3. Equip them. Give them the training and tools they need to do their job well. Provide ongoing support and help as needed.

4. Listen to them. Show them that you care about them by listening to them. You will discover they have great ideas and an important point of view that will make your team stronger. As you listen to them and share with them, you also will discover the depth of who they are and a real friendship will develop.

5. Encourage them. Find specific ways to offer an encouraging word. Compliment them. Tell them when they are doing a good job. Thank them.

6. Problem-solve with them. When they run into challenges, make yourself available to them. Help them to think through options for next steps and how to choose the best option.

7. Minister to them. Be aware of their needs and meet them as the Lord leads, according to your ability. Create a sense of community among your team where everyone meets each others’ needs. Some practical things to do to meet needs: prepare a meal for them, visit them, pray with them, and point them toward other resources that are available, about which they may be unaware.

What a blessing to be able to lead leaders. Lead them well.

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