Driving Tip #155

Driving Tip #155: The “If 5 Or More Cars Are Following Closely Behind You” Rule

Here’s how it goes.

Imagine that you are driving home from a store with a full load of groceries in your backseat, a mattress tied to the top of your car, and your trunk full of antique furniture. Understandably you are driving slow so that you don’t lose any precious cargo (I haven’t even mentioned your spouse and kids squeezed into their seats too). Because you are driving far below the speed limit, a long line of cars has backed up behind you.

What should you do??

Please, please find a safe place to pull over to the side of the road (maybe in the turn lane of a neighborhood), let all the cars pass, then return safely back onto the road. Repeat this occasionally until you get home.

Note: this rule would also apply if you’re pulling a trailer, hauling a truck load of leaves/trees, sightseeing as you drive down the road, or driving exceptionally slowly for any other reason.

If you will follow this simple tip, you will save yourself the aggravation of cars riding up on your bumper and reduce the potential for a crash. Also, you will cause your stress levels and those of the other drivers to go down too. Everyone can continue to sing along with the The Fish! We will all be happier and safer.

Happy driving!


5 thoughts on “Driving Tip #155

  1. I try to pull over if I am slow for a reason but I also pull over when i am traveling at speed limit or over and am being aggressively tailgated….let em go…occasionally I will then pull alongside at next intersection and wave.

  2. He he Barney that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while:P I have the same motto, my ego doesn’t drive me, and if one is late I’ve noticed racing doesn’t necessarily gets me there quicker. There will always be considerate drivers and inconsiderate ones, let’s hope Derek can swing the numbers in our favour he he..Thanks for the post Derek:)

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