Six Reasons I Love The Winter Olympic Games

There are lots of reasons to enjoy the Winter Olympics. See if my six reasons are the same as yours.

1. Once every four years, people remember the difference between bobsled, skeleton and luge sleds. Do you know the difference?

2. You realize how these games originated. For instance, biathlon originated when two guys were cross country skiing as they hunted big game in the winter. One guy said to the other, “I can beat you to that spot and shoot the deer first.” The other guy said, “You’re on.” (At least that’s the story they tell you, eh?)

3. Curling: shuffleboard on ice, with a lot of yelling.

4. The fearlessness of the ski racers, snowboarders, ski jumpers and aerialists. And the hockey players, figure skaters and speed skaters.

5. The inspirational stories about how each athlete got to the Olympics. Their stories are amazing.

6. Playing of the national anthem. For each event, medals are awarded for gold, silver and bronze. But truly each participant is a champion. Each athlete will always be able to say, “I was an Olympian.”

To all of the athletes, coaches, officials, families and friends of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, I congratulate you on a job well done.

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